Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turning Heads

Just an update on the charcoal cows - they are finally finished and at the framer in readiness for an exhibition of local artists at Art in Oxford gallery later this month.

Dog portrait

I've been very quiet on the blog front of late so its time to post and show you I am still painting. Time for a change and into pastels. Someone asked me what is my favorite medium and I have to confess I cannot chose between charcoal, pastel, oil or watercolour: they are so different and I find the different effects each produces to be wonderfully exciting in its own right. So, unable to decide, I have to say my favorite medium is whichever I happen to be working in at the time. Is that a cop-out or what!
Normally I find commissions a little daunting, wondering whether or not the result will please the client, but was very happy to accept this one and found it a joy to do. The client was very happy with the result so its off to the framer tomorrow. Thankyou for stopping by.