Monday, October 20, 2014

Mid - Conversation

My plan at the beginning of the year was to be more consistent with my blog posts but it seems that has fallen by the way. I really cannot believe how fast the year has disappeared and how few posts I have actually made! For the last two years I have struggled with a shoulder injury which seriously hindered my creative output but I am happy to report that although not completely pain-free, I am experiencing increased mobility of my painting arm and hope to produce more beautiful works of art.
I love working in charcoal and am particularly drawn to the human face, especially the character-filled faces of those in advanced years. Thanks to David Kassan who has introduced me to pan pastels - a far less time consuming process than the charcoal powder which I have used until now. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

"I Wish..."

Children are such delightful subjects especially when they are engrossed in their own world. As a child I remember blowing the dandilion seed-head and making a wish. This little boy could well be doing the same. I wonder what he is wishing for.
Watercolour on Arches paper. Thanks for looking.