Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch earthquake

In response to some of you who are wondering if we are ok following the 6.3 earthquake on Tuesday-thankyou, yes we are fine. Sadly this is not the case for hundreds, if not thousands living and working in the city of Christchurch. Many have perished in the quake, and many are still missing. Many have lost homes. For the people of Christchurch life will never be the same. Certainly the CBD will never be the same, as buildings which survived the 7.1 quake 6 months ago collapsed in this latest one.
Paul, my husband, who works in the CBD was on his lunchtime walk when he heard the loud roar of the quake and immediately leaped into the middle of the road to escape collapsing facades (fortunately his side of the road was clear of traffic) and sustained only slight injuries from flying masonry. All around him building frontages were collapsing. He saw concrete and brick facades fall onto waiting vehicles. As the dust settled he helped rescue a couple of cyclists burried beneath the rubble and accompanied the worst injured to the hospital.
As the search goes on for survivors, please pray for the rescue workers who continue to work in difficult conditions amid continuing aftershocks, creating a very real danger of further building collapses. Pray for those survivors who have sustained serious injuries. And pray for the families who have lost loved ones, or who wait with growing trepidation for news of their loved ones. And you might just like to pray and thank God for the life you enjoy right now.

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